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Do you know PHP has its own built in server? Know how to run it.

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Do you know PHP has its own built in server? Know how to run it.

Post by admin » Sun Nov 03, 2019 5:18 pm

PHP 5.4+ comes with a built-in development server. It can be used to run applications without having to install a
production HTTP server such as nginx or Apache. The built-in server is only designed to be used for development
and testing purposes. It can be started by using the -S flag:

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php -S <host/ip>:<port>

Example usage

1. Create an index.php file containing:

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echo "Hello World from built-in PHP server";
2. Run the command php -S localhost:8080 from the command line. Do not include
. This will start a web server listening on port 8080 using the current directory that you are in as the
document root.
3. Open the browser and navigate to http://localhost:8080. You should see your "Hello World" page.

To override the default document root (i.e. the current directory), use the -t flag:

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php -S <host/ip>:<port> -t <directory>
E.g. if you have a public/ directory in your project you can serve your project from that directory using php -S
localhost:8080 -t public/

Every time a request is made from the development server, a log entry like the one below is written to the
command line.
[Mon Aug 18 18:20:19 2019] ::1:52455 [200]: /

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